8 Reasons to Send Cakes in a Jar

While life is not always a piece of cake, a piece of cake always makes life better. Isn’t it funny how that works?

So, it should come as no surprise that cupcakes in a jar and other bakery-fresh, gourmet desserts are a huge gift-giving trend, and one that is likely here to stay. Edible gifts, especially cakes, cookies and confections, are always a hit for a plethora of reasons. Let’s take cakes in a jar for example.

1. It’s a sweet gesture

Pun intended. Dessert gifts are perfect for all occasions. Know someone who is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, retirement, graduation or just moved into a new home? Looking for a special way to say “thank you” for an act of kindness? Or have a friend going through a tough time who could use some cheering up? Cake jars are simple to ship and a box full of those cute little mason jars will no doubt bring a smile to your gift recipient’s face.


Chocolate Brigadeiro, Carrot com Chocolate, Strawberry o Creme and Churros are some of the most popular gourmet cake in a jar flavors available to be shipped nationwide from Soul Sweet Boutique.


2. Make it personal

Everyone loves cake, but what flavor? That’s a matter of individual preference. If you are sending sweets to a houseful of family or friends, a variety of cupcakes in a jar can make everyone, from the chocolate lover to the churros fan, happy.


We love this story! This mother-of-the-bride sent Gourmet Cakes in a Jar to all the guests of her daughter's virtual bridal shower.


3. Party favors

What do you do when your friend puts you in charge of sweets for the Zoom party? Don’t sweat it. Ordering cakes in a jar takes less time than it would to preheat your oven. It's as easy as sending a package to each of the virtual guests a day or two ahead of the event. Think of it as dessert and the party favor all in one! (Get more about virtual party success tips from Soul Sweet Boutique.)


4. Portion control

Why send one big cake when you could send 2 or more individual treats? Your friends who are counting their carbs can dig into one right away and share or save the others for later.


5. Who needs another candle?

Nobody wants (or needs) another scarf or scented candle. An edible gift like a cake in a jar will get tossed back with a cup of milk rather than getting tossed in the back of the closet.


6. Environmentally correct

Save the world from tchotchkes that end up in a landfill. Once your friend finishes their cake, the jar could be recycled or, even better, reused. (Look for a blog coming soon on the many uses of empty cake jars.)


7. Great cook, lousy baker

Anyone who has spent a little time in the kitchen knows that cooking and baking require different skill sets. For your next dinner party, stay focused on the savory dishes and leave the sweets to your favorite bakery. Because no one said you can’t send dessert to yourself.


Cupcakes in a jar are insanely Instagram-able, as evidenced
by content creator @HiddenGems_IYC.


8. Do it for the Gram.

Your foodie friend loves to post EVERYTHING she eats on social media, and she can definitely use more content. What’s more Instagram-able than a mouth-watering pic of digging into a cake in a jar? Plus, no need to send a thank you card, she can just tag you…and then the whole world will know what a great gift giver you are!