Cake in a Jar Makes the Perfect Virtual Party Dessert

What is the best dessert choice for a Zoom birthday party or other special event? When planning your virtual celebration, everyone can have their cake (in a jar) and eat it, too.


Just because you cannot all be together in one room, does not mean you cannot have the same dessert ... thanks to single-serving treats like a Gourmet Cake in a Jar from Soul Sweet Boutique.


For a shared experience, we highly suggest surprising your birthday party guests before the special day. Ship everyone an adorable mason jar cake (think elevated cupcake in a jar). Imagine their happy faces when they receive an unexpected box of sweets in the mail. Who doesn’t love getting packages, especially when they contain cute jars filled with layers of freshly made cakes and homemade icings. You can even make the package your “invitation” by adding a special message that includes all the party deets. 


Decisions, decisions. Should you send everyone the same flavor cake and make it a theme party? Or should you consider each guests’ personal tastes—Traditional Chocolate Brigadeiro for the chocoholics, Churros for toffee lovers, Carrot com Chocolate for a classic Brazilian combo … or opt for a twist and choose from Soul Sweet Boutique’s three varieties of Cheesecake in a Jar, lime, berry and passion fruit. No matter what you decide, you will be providing decadently delicious cakes so you really can’t go wrong.


When it is time for dessert, ask everyone to dim the lights and get ready to belt out their best “Happy Birthday”! The guest of honor can safely blow out the candles placed in their personal jar. Or use sparklers and give them a mini fireworks display. (A perfect solution for these times when blowing on your birthday cake is a big no-no.)


What about the next day when everyone wishes they had another “slice”? Ship multiple jars to satisfy sweet cravings.


How else can you make your event memorable?


Here are some tips from the entertaining pros at Soul Sweet Boutique:

  1. Think about keeping the guest list to a manageable size. Just like you only have so much room in your house, there’s only so much space on your screen. Plus, we’ve all been on those chaotic Zoom parties where everyone’s talking over one another, and they are no fun.
  2. This is the day your college roommate finally gets to meet your favorite cousin! Have everyone introduce themselves and share how they know you.
  3. After you have a chance to say your hellos, launch into a game or special activity, such as a few rounds of bingo or a trivia challenge. Or how about collecting images of you and all the guests for a slideshow? Share your screen and let the reminiscing begin! A perfect idea for a milestone birthday (or anniversary).
  4. Keep the call short but sweet. Let everyone know ahead of time to schedule 60 to 90 minutes for your party. That’s long enough to catch up and share some laughs. Zoom parties are about quality not quantity time.


Birthdays and other milestones may look different for now. It’s the perfect time to get creative and make our 2021 celebrations extra memorable.


Gourmet Cake in a Jar is the perfect single-serving dessert!