Clever Ways to Reuse Cake Jars

For Earth Day, we can have our cake in a jar desserts and help the planet, too!

Sure, the glass mason jars we use for our gourmet cakes, cheesecake and cookies could be tossed in the recycling bin once you eat your sweet treats. And we encourage everyone to do so. However, you can take your love for Mother Earth even further by finding creative ways to reuse the empty cake jars and lids.

We've seen cake jars repurposed in countless ways. They are practical for storage and organization. Create your own home décor by upcycling cake jars with a quick and easy DIY project. Or set the kids up with empty jars for some arts-and-crafts time. Their creations can make precious gifts for grandparents. 

Here are some of our personal favorites:

  1. Decorate with paint and ribbon to make a vase or flowerpot.
  2. Fill with seashells and create a memento from your day at the beach.
  3. Cut a slit in the lid for the perfect change jar. (Once it's full, reward yourself with a treat ... should be enough for a night out!)
  4. Fill your leftover jars with candles for a romantic and rustic look. We've seen them filled with water and flower petals with a tealight floating on top. 
  5. Stuff them with a string of lights for some pixie magic.
  6. Also great for catching fireflies!
  7. Create homemade labels and plant an herb garden.
  8. Repurpose as a soap dispenser, juicer, or grated cheese shakerall sorts of attachments are available to give jars new life.

Room by Room 

Home Office: The most obvious use may be a pencil holder. But mason jars are perfect for sorting all sorts of office supplies. Fill them with paperclips, push pins, staples, tacks. You can tuck the jars in your desk drawer, but they are cute enough to display on a shelf or credenza. 

Bathroom: Where do we start? Clear jars are great for storing everything from cotton balls to makeup wipes to Q-tips. You can use one as a cup and another as a toothbrush holder. They work well for keeping makeup organized as well.

Garage/Basement: These areas of your house are notoriously hard to keep organized and it can be very frustrating to try and find that one small piece you need to make a repair. Here you can use mason jars for storing nails, screws, nuts + bolts. Doing a paint touch-up? Pour just the amount you need and leave the clunky can behind.

Toy Room: Parents know all to well that small kids can make big messes. This is especially true with tiny toys. Fill empty cake jars with marbles, Lego bricks (you can go all out and sort them by color) and collectibles. Crafty kids can use jars to store beads and other loose items. And for the little artists, caps on for paint, caps off for brushes. 

Kitchen: There's nothing more practical in the pantry than clear storage containers. Use bigger jars for storing beans, rice, popcorn kernels, granola, nuts and other dry goods. You will be able to find anything you need at a glance and it looks neat and organized when you store items in uniform containers. Other kitchen/food uses: fill with pesto, shake up homemade dressing, and pack your soup for lunch.

We hope we have inspired you to find clever uses for your leftover cake jars. Happy Earth Day!