Ovo de Páscoa: The Brazilian Tradition of Stuffed Chocolate Easter Eggs

Can you guess what the Belgian Chocolate Easter Egg above is stuffed with? Read to the bottom of the blog to find out!

Brazilians love chocolate Easter eggs … and the bigger the better! If you haven’t seen a traditional Ovo de Páscoa in person, trust us they are magnificent.

Instead of an American-style Easter Egg Hunt, children in Brazil are given big chocolate eggs filled with toys and treats. The football-sized, and sometimes even larger, confections fill up markets around Brazil in the weeks leading up to Páscoa (Easter in Portuguese). They are typically wrapped in colorful foils and hung from the ceilings in what is called an Easter parreira, or vineyard. This tradition is said to have started in the mid-20th century when retailers overwhelmed with demand for Easter chocolates looked up for additional display room.


Nutella-Stuffed Oreo Chocolate Easter Egg (Before + After Cracking It Open!)

From the outside, Stuffed Chocolate Easter Eggs appear to be your typical egg-shaped chocolate shells, but sweet surprises are hiding inside. Crack open one of Soul Sweet Boutique’s homemade Belgian Chocolate Easter Eggs and discover a variety of treats, like smaller chocolate eggs and candies, chocolate-covered Oreos and our traditional fudge-like Brigadeiro. Our Cookies and Crème egg with its marble-like texture is filled with the heavenly combination of Nutella and crushed Oreos. These full-sized eggs are fun to smash into pieces with a small wooden mallet if you happen to have one on hand.


Take a peek inside our Honey Cake-Stuffed Chocolate Easter Egg!


For our half-stuffed eggs, our confectioners and bakers teamed up this year to create five special varieties: a milk-chocolate covered brownie; a white-chocolate covered red velvet cake; a milk-chocolate covered carrot cake; a chocolate-covered Palha Italiana, and one of our proudest creations—an egg-shaped version of our signature Belgian chocolate-covered spiced honey cake with toffee filling. (The golden swirl design almost makes it too pretty to eat).

Wait, let's back up a bit. When you read Palha Italiana above you probably thought, why do Brazilians have a dessert flavor named "Italian Straw"? While there is nothing Italian about it, the combination of Brigadeiro fudge and crushed cookies does sometimes resemble a sweet salami.


Inside the Palha Italiana-Stuffed Chocolate Easter Egg pictured at top.


So now that you know why Brazilians make such a fuss about their stuffed chocolate Easter eggs you'll want to try one for yourself!