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Fun Facts About Brigadeiros—Brazil’s Favorite Candy

Brigadeiros are the most iconic Brazilian dessert. The traditional brigadeiro is a bite-sized chocolatey ball rolled in sprinkles and placed in a candy wrapper. While they look like bon bons, the smooth chocolatey texture is more reminiscent of fudge. But, trust us, they need to be tried to be fully understood 😉! Since the brigadeiro was created in the mid-1940s,... view more

Ovo de Páscoa: The Brazilian Tradition of Stuffed Ch...

Can you guess what the Belgian Chocolate Easter Egg above is stuffed with? Read to the bottom of the blog to find out! Brazilians love chocolate Easter eggs … and the bigger the better! If you haven’t seen a traditional Ovo de Páscoa in person, trust us they are magnificent. Instead of an American-style Easter Egg Hunt, children in Brazil... view more

Ninho: The Ingredient That Makes Brazilian Candy Tas...

Over the years, many customers have asked us about Ninho—an ingredient commonly found in our Brazilian candy and dessert recipes. For example, we make Ninho brigadeiros and Nutella + Ninho truffles (pictured above), and some of our gourmet cakes in a jar, like the Red Velvet and Strawberry o Creme, are layered with a creamy Ninho frosting. While it sounds somewhat exotic,... view more

What Makes Brazilian Food Unique?

What makes Brazilian food so eclectic and exciting? While Brazil may be the world’s fifth largest country, with the sixth highest population, the answer is not so much about size and numbers. Instead, consider how its one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. Brazilian culture is informed predominantly by a trio of influences, a vibrant blend of traditions... view more