Watch Soul Sweet Boutique Make Brazilian Brigadeiros Step by Step

Brazilian brigadeiros (think bonbons or truffles) are loved all over the world. And it’s no wonder. The chocolate fudge balls appeal to sweet lovers of all ages. They are a staple food at Brazilian and Portuguese parties, and once you try them, they will no doubt become a part of your dessert spread.

For children’s birthday parties, serve the chocolate candies in colorful wrappers to match the party’s theme. In Brazil, we usually place them around the birthday cake and hope little hands don’t get to them until after dinner. (Good luck with that!)

Adults also go wild for brigadeiros. The sprinkle-covered bites can be elevated into luxurious confections when rolled in bits of chocolate. Give them a touch of sparkle with edible glitter or luxe luster dusts.

Here's a step-by-step look at what goes into making brigadeiros at Soul Sweet Boutique.

In our opinion, Belgian chocolate, particularly Callebaut, is the finest in the world and we use it exclusively at Soul Sweet Boutique. Imported in 11 lb. blocks, Callebaut is the base for our traditional brigadeiros and other specialty candies and desserts.

The Belgian chocolate is melted and combined with other high quality ingredients to create a rich fudge.
The batch of fudge is then cooled in the refrigerator.

Once fudge reaches a firm consistency, it is removed from the refrigerator and is ready to be formed into balls.
Our confectioners roll each piece by hand.

Next, the balls are rolled in even more Belgian chocolate. These shimmery bits add a touch of elegance, don't you think?
Traditional jimmies, coconut flakes and granulated sugar can also be used.

 The candy is finally placed in individual wrappers and is ready to serve!

While chocolate is the original flavor, brigadeiros are also popular in Ninho (milk powder), coconut and lemon. Brigadeiro-inspired truffles come in an endless variety, like peanut, sweet corn, passion fruit, churros and Nutella. Which do you want to try first?

Create your own custom box of brigadeiros + truffles.