Brazilian Orange Cake - Bolo de Laranja

Brazilian Orange Cake - Bolo de Laranja


This Orange cake recipe is a Brazilian Classic. It has a nice delicate flavor, you can fell a very distinct zasty flavor. It's a nostalgic "Grandma used to make this" recipe.
The texture of this cake is soft, moist and fluffy. 
It comes topped with a sweet orange glaze sauce.

We use only the finest ingredients including organic and real fresh Squeezed Orange juice.

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Cake: Sugar, Fresh squeezed Orange juice, Orange zest, Oil, All-purpose Flour, Eggs, Baking powder. 

Sauce:   Powdered Sugar, Fresh squeezed, Orange juice.,Orange zest.

Some of our products contain nuts and therefore all of our products are made in a kitchen where nuts and dairy products are stored and handled. Please take appropriate precautions.