Soul Sweet Boutique


Proverbs 16:24
Kind words are like honey—sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.
"My family and I received a sweet surprise last week, a gift box from Soul Sweet Boutique as a Christmas gift from my husband's sister, Beth. We couldn't wait to sample it and sample it we did! Each bag or jar we opened was better than the last. We each had favorites. My youngest son and my favorite were the Cocadas and my oldest son's was the Nhoque Susso cookies. Thank you to Beth and for introducing us to Soul Sweet Boutique!"
Tina S.
"Passion fruit cheesecake is the best and most unusual I have ever experienced...loved it so much!"
Carlos G.
“I bought brigadeiros and they are delicious.”
Shaila G.
“Soul Sweet Boutique’s cakes in a jar are the best I’ve ever had. You can taste the quality and love they put into every jar.”
Erika D.
“I love this cookie. It takes you to another country.”
Sumara M.
"Although there are many places in the Newark Ironbound that offer a similar menu, this is the only place that brought back memories of breakfast in Brazil."
Amanda D.